Diode laser

1200 watts of power that caress your skin

laser mas rentable eneka laser diode 1200
manipulo eneka laser

Rapidez, seguridad y eficacia

Termosalud presents the ENEKA 1200 DIODE LASER, the diode laser evolution that includes the most advanced and effective features available on the market to guarantee the best results on even the most difficult to treat skin.

With a power level of 1200 optical watts, ENEKA incorporates the new CONTACT COOLING SAPPHIRE TIP system, which makes the treatment safer and more comfortable.

The equipment includes the innovative ALL TYPES TECHNOLOGY by Termosalud, and its two functioning modes DHR DYNAMIC HAIR REMOVAL and FDHR FAST DYNAMIC HAIR REMOVAL.

Clinical effectiveness

TERMOSALUD has a highly qualified training and clinical monitoring team, that checks the level of therapeutic response for the devices developed by our R+D department and supervises their application guidelines, in order to achieve maximum results.

ENEKA 1200 DIODE LASER is the result of the advanced research and development carried out by our R+D team, under strict safety controls and an extensive analysis of all the variables that have an impact on the correct effect on the hair, thereby guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and safety for all our treatments.

ENEKA 1200 DIODE LASER conforms to the demanding ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications for the manufacture of medical devices. We also offer you our expert technical service to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the equipment once it has been launched on the market.

regulates the temperature continuously

effective on all skin types

manípulo laser diodo cabezal eneka 1200
cabezal laser diodo


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